Service Advisories

Indian Trails Bus Tracker


 1. Search for and download the "Indian Trails Bus Tracker" from the iTunes App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

2. Enter the code “flyer,” tap OK.

3. Tap "Departure" and select your boarding point from the scrolling list (e.g., East Lansing Marriott).

4. Tap "Destination" and select from the scrolling list (e.g. DTW McNamara Terminal).

5. Tap "Time" and select your scheduled departure time.

6. Near the bottom of the screen, select "Trip Status" to see the estimated time of arrival for your bus.

7. At the bottom of the screen, select "Tap to show map" to see your Michigan Flyer-AirRide bus traveling on the road in real time!

8. Zoom in on the bus to see it moving along its route.

9. To return to the home screen, click the Indian Trails logo in the upper left corner.

10. Tap "Website Link" to visit this site and find out more about Michigan Flyer-AirRide.