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How to Find Us at DTW's McNamara Terminal

McNamara (Delta) Terminal - Departures Level (New location since July 13, 2018)

We are now picking up and dropping off all passengers at a single stop on the Departures Level (also known as Level 3) of the McNamara Terminal. This is the terminal used by Delta Air Lines and its partner carriers Air France and Aeromexico.

 Important: How to Find Us at the McNamara Terminal

  • DO follow SIGNS LIKE THESE for “Public Transportation” and “Ticketing/Check-In.” They will help guide you to our location for both drop-offs and pickups on Level 3 (a.k.a. Departures Level). Our stop is just outside and to the left of the doors labeled “International Ticketing/Check-In, Air France, AeroMexico.” If you need assistance, just ask an airport official "How do I get to check-in for Air France?"
  • DO be aware that NOT all elevators go up to Departures Level 3, where our Michigan Flyer-AirRide stop is located. Be sure to take an elevator that goes all the way up to “Ticketing/Check-In” on Level 3.
  • DO NOT follow signs that say “Bridge Walk to Parking” or “Ground Transportation Center.”
More Important Details

  • RESTROOMS and RESTAURANTS on Departures Level 3 are ALL located inside the secure area beyond the TSA Security Checkpoint. If you are outside the secure area, take an elevator down to Luggage Claim/Domestic Arrivals (Level 1) to find a restroom or restaurant. Also, please note that there is a restroom on board every Michigan Flyer-AirRide motorcoach.

  • PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES who have not arranged for wheelchair or other assistance in advance should know that the Prospect Services desk for requesting such help has been moved to the far south end of the Ticketing/Check-In area, near the Westin Hotel entrance.

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