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FAQs & Policies

Inside View of Michigan Flyer

Our fleet is made up of state-of-the-art 2012 Prevost H3-45 motorcoaches with engine technology that exceeds EPA standards, produces near zero air pollution emissions, and achieves high fuel economy.

Safety features:

  • ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts
  • Electronic stability system 
  • New GPS
  • Three-point retractable seatbelts
  • Engine fire-detection and suppression system 
 Comfort and Convenience:
  • Deluxe, ergonomic seating and ample leg room
  • Reading lamps
  • Tinted side windows offering panoramic views plus privacy
  • 110-volt AC outlets at each seat for charging mobile devices
  • Free WiFi - when available.  Lack of signal may prevent this offer and no refund will be provided due to lack of onboard Wifi.   
  • Free Water.  When available free bottled water will be on board.
  • On-board lavatory.
  • Enclosed, overhead parcel racks.

Cancellation Policy for One-Way Tickets: Cancellations of discounted, restricted tickets incur no fees and fares are refundable provided that you notify the office at least 48 hours prior to the trip departure time. Please note, discounted, restricted tickets purchased within 48 hours of departure are non-refundable upon purchase.

Cancellation Policy for Round Trip Tickets: Cancellations incur no fees and fares are refundable provided that you notify the office at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the entire trip. Once your trip has begun, the return portion is completely non-refundable.

Please note, tickets purchased within 48 hours of departure are non-refundable upon purchase.

No Shows: Passengers who "no show" a prepaid reservation are not entitled to a credit or refund.

Cancellations can be made by calling the Michigan Flyer office at 517-333-0400.

Michigan Flyer-AirRide passengers who are planning to travel to or from Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) now have the ability to change their own motorcoach reservations online 

This new web-based functionality is available only on the day of travel. Reservations can be changed to another time on the day of travel or to the next day. Other reservation changes can be arranged, as usual, by calling the Michigan Flyer office at 517-333-0400 during regular business hours.

Passengers must first have created an account on the Michigan Flyer website before making reservations. (If you don’t have one already, just use the link in the “Book a Trip” box at to create an account.) After that, changing same-day reservations is simple:

  1. On the day you wish to make a reservation change, login to your account by clicking the “Returning Customers” link in the “Book a Trip” box.
  2. Click “View previous orders” in the Welcome box on the left, and then select your reservation for the current day.
  3. On the next screen showing your current travel schedule, click “Reschedule Travel” at the top, then choose a new date and time from those listed.
  4. To finish, click the “Update Passengers” button. The new reservation will be confirmed in red type at the top of your current travel schedule.

Note that the system allows passengers to go back and change reservations a second time for travel on the same day. However, if you change a reservation to the following day, you will have to wait until then to change it a second time (or call the Michigan Flyer office for assistance.)

Also, the ability to change reservations online is only available to passengers traveling to or from DTW. It is not applicable to those traveling just between East Lansing and Ann Arbor.

Non-airport Passengers: Same-day changes in departure times are permitted if seats are available, so long as passengers call to change the reservation before the reserved departure time. Passengers traveling between East Lansing and Ann Arbor who do not show for their scheduled departure must purchase a new ticket.

Do I have to buy my ticket in advance?  Discounted fares require pre-payment via credit card on our website. You can pay cash to the driver for a ticket, but the fare is higher, exact change is required, seating is based on availability, and only single passenger tickets are available at the coach. 

Must I print my confirmation and bring it with me?  Paper boarding passes are no longer needed. Our drivers use handheld devices called "phablets" (combination smartphone and tablet computer) to check in passengers electronically. Still, to avoid any potential confusion, please jot down your reservation number and be prepared to give it to the driver. 

If I miss my scheduled coach, can I take another one without having to pay again? It depends. If you miss your scheduled coach due to a flight delay at the airport, then Yes, you are welcome to take the next available coach at no additional cost. However, passengers traveling to the airport or non-airport passengers traveling between East Lansing and Ann Arbor who do not show for their scheduled departure must purchase a new ticket. 

Do you have signs at Detroit Metro Airport?  Yes. Our motorcoaches are co-branded as Michigan Flyer-AirRide. In McNamara Terminal follow "Public Transit" signs to the Ground Transportation. Cross bridge walk- take escalator down to the sliding glass door door 401.  Exit out and follow sidewalk past all rental cars to the Michigan Flyer/Airride sign at the end. At the North Terminal, follow "Public Transit" signs to Ground Transportation and find a small "AirRide route 787" sign by stall number 1. 

Does the motorcoach have seat belts?  Yes, our coaches are all equipped with 3-point seat belts for added safety. 

Are child car seats allowed on the coach?  While child safety seats are not required on motorcoaches, you are welcome to bring a car seat if you own one. 

Are pets allowed on the coach?  We allow pets on board that are small enough to be allowed in the cabin of an airplane (10 lbs or less).  The pet should be in the carrier for the entire duration and we ask that pet remain quiet as to not to disturb other passengers. Please tell us you are bringing a pet by noting it in the 'special needs' section of the booking process.

If your pet is a service animal please have the proper documentation.

Changes and Cancellations- If you have created an account changes can be made for passengers flying in and out of Detroit for same day or next day changes.  Log into your account and make the schedule change.  If you don't have an account, your travel is for tomorrow or after, or if you are traveling between East Lansing and Ann Arbor, please call our office during office hours to make the changes.. 517-333-0400.

Children 12-17 traveling without a parent- are allowed to travel on their own and will purchase the adult fare. 

Ann Arbor Airride Senior rates- Senior rates out of Ann Arbor require a senior GOLD card.  If you have a senior GOLD card and want to book a reservation online, please go to our "fares/promotions" page and scroll down to "Ann Arbor Airride Discounts".  Please read the two paragraphs and click on the word "here" on the last paragraph.

What if I can’t find my answer here?  Call us at 517-333-0400.

Michigan Flyer-AirRide motorcoaches are wheelchair accessible. However, 24-hour advance reservations are recommended. Please call our office, or fill out the ADA form when making reservations online.

Please notify our office if you will be traveling with a scooter or service animal.

At Detroit Metro Airport (DTW): What You Should Know

Our passengers with disabilities—and those who need extra time or assistance for any reason—now have the option of pick-up or drop-off at "Alternative Stops” closer to the terminal, in addition to our "Standard Location" at the McNamara Terminal.

If you would like us to pick you up or drop you off at one of the closer "Alternative Stops" you must let us know in advance. The best way to do this is when you purchase tickets online: just write "Alternative Stop" in the Special Needs box on the Passenger Information web page. Or, you can tell the driver that you wish to use an "Alternative Stop.”

Please note that our coaches serve all of “Standard Locations” and “Alternative Stops” at the airport, and that our drivers announce when they are approaching each stop.


Michigan Flyer-AirRide now has a public-transit customer service desk inside the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) of the McNamara Terminal, which serves passengers of Delta Airlines, Air France and Virgin Atlantic. The GTC is on Level 4 of the parking garage, across the bridge walk from the terminal. Inside the GTC waiting area there are accessible restrooms, a drinking fountain and phones nearby.

·       Our “Standard Location” for pickups and drop-offs is 200 yards south of GTC waiting area (past all the rental car shuttle buses.) If you want to board or de-board one of our buses here, you do not have to tell us in advance.


·       Our “Alternative Stop” for picking up passengers from arriving flights is just outside Door 402 of the GTC indoor waiting area. If you did not request use of this stop online in advance, you can just tell your driver that you want to board here, or tell our staff at the customer service desk.


·       Our “Alternative Stop” for dropping off passengers for flights out of DTW is at the Departures Level curb of the terminal, near the Air France/Delta doors into the ticket counters. Note that our motorcoaches first drop off passengers at our “Standard Location,” then proceed to the “Alternate Stop” at the Departures Level curb.


At the North Terminal, our “Standard Location” for both pickups and drop-offs is Stall #1 of the Ground Transportation Center (GTC). Once you come down the stairs or elevator to the GTC, exit the door to your left and proceed to Stall #1. Look for the small AirRide sign.

Passengers who need help in getting from our bus to the terminal, or vice versa, must let us know in advance. You can do this when making reservations online. Just use the Special Needs box on the Passenger Information webpage to tell us what kind of help you will need.

Special Assistance – Both Terminals

Passengers who need wheelchair assistance should normally request it when making reservations their airlines, which contract with Prospect Airport Services to provide wheelchair services.

However, if you did not arrange for assistance from Prospect through your airline, you may do so by calling Prospect from your bus before it arrives at the airport. Prospect’s phone number at the McNamara Terminal is (734) 921-7200; at the North Terminal, it’s (734) 247-1121. For example, a good time to notify Prospect that you’re on your way and will need assistance is when your eastbound bus reaches Ypsilanti or Bellville.

If you will need wheelchair assistance to reach our bus after a return flight to North Terminal, consider asking for an aide from Prospect to meet you in the indoor waiting area about 10 minutes before your westbound motorcoach is scheduled to depart.

Please note that Prospect provides assistance with passenger luggage at McNamara Terminal, but not at North Terminal.

A Word about Service Animals

·       If you’re traveling with a service animal, please note that DTW offers animal relief areas at both terminals:

·        Just as we ask Michigan Flyer-AirRide riders to limit cell phone calls to no more than five minutes so that all passengers may enjoy a pleasant ride, we ask you to do all you can to keep your service animal calm and quiet.

Please review the following information prior to purchasing Michigan Flyer tickets:

1.      Fares quoted are valid on Michigan Flyer/Airride schedule and/or those of participating interline carriers listed on the ticket.  Fares are payable in U.S. dollars unless noted otherwise.

2.       All tickets are date and schedule specific and will be honored for transportation unless otherwise indicated.

3.       Walk-up passengers (those without a prepaid reservation) will be accommodated on a first come first served bases.  A $5 fee is applied to fares paid as cash or credit card to the driver or customer service agent at the coach.  Additional fees may be applied such as airport access fees and or other taxes.

4.       Fares are subject to change.  Not all discounted fares may be available on all schedules.  Fares may be higher during some periods and additional restrictions (non-refundable/non-exchangeable dates) may apply during peak travel periods.

5.       To qualify for a family/group discount, passengers must be prepaid and travel together at all times.  For child discounts, parents and children of the same household must travel on the same itinerary.  Ann Arbor seniors must present a Senior Gold Card from Ann Arbor Area Transportation when requested by the driver.

6.       Customers are encouraged to book online to obtain the lowest fares.  Reservations made by telephone through our office incur a $5 reservation fee.

7.       All Michigan Flyer/Airride tickets purchased online or via telephone are completely NON-REFUNDABLE with one exception- see ** below.

** Michigan Flyer/Airride will provide a refund only when a cancel or refund request is received by our office (either by phone, voicemail or via email) at least 48 hours prior to the departure of the first bus scheduled on your itinerary.  Passenger(s) who miss their scheduled departure under ANY circumstance are not entitled to a refund.  This includes flight delays or other circumstances not under the control of the passenger(s). Odyssey of the Mind and other special groups require a 7 day prior notice in order to receive a full refund

8.        All passengers should be at the boarding point 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.  This allows our drivers to board customers in a timely manner, so as not to delay the departure of the vehicle.  Please provide your name to our driver and have access to your order number as a supporting documentation.

9.       Cut off time:  Passengers who are not at our boarding location 2 minutes prior to departure may lose their seats to standby customers.

10.   Parking rates are set by the parking facility owners and are subject to change.  Michigan Flyer does not own any parking facilities but does facilitate parking space rental from the city of East Lansing and across the street from the Blake Transit Center.  Michigan Flyer/Airride is not liable for passenger’s vehicles or their contents in these lots, where parking is at your own risk.  We strongly encourage you not to leave any visible items in your parked vehicle.

11.   East Lansing parking fees must be prepaid directly to Michigan Flyer before departure and a prepaid voucher must be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle.  If parking fees are not prepaid to Michigan Flyer, your vehicle may be ticketed or subject to higher parking rates.  A green ticket must be obtained from the office or the driver in order to exit the parking facility.  Michigan Flyer/Airride is not responsible for tickets or parking fees if customers are not parked in the correct facility or on the designated parking level of the facility.  Please see our ‘Locations and Parking’ page on our website for detailed parking instructions.

12.   Ann Arbor-Blake Transit Parking (corner of 4th and William) is paid directly to the parking garage attendant when exiting the ramp. Michigan Flyer/Airride is not responsible for tickets or parking fees if customers are not parked in the correct facility or on the designated floor of the parking facility.    Please see our ‘Locations and Parking’ page on our website for detailed parking instructions. 

13.   Passengers are allowed two free bags to be stowed and one carry-on.  All luggage is restricted to 50 pounds per bag and both carry-on and checked luggage size are limited to the same restrictions as posted by your airline.  Excess or overweight luggage is subject to a $15.00 surcharge and can be paid at the time of booking or directly to the driver. Bicycles are only accommodated on a space available basis. Bicycles transported will be considered one piece of checked luggage.  Bicycles bound for the airport must be contained in wood, leather, canvas, a bicycle box or other substantial carrying case.  Please call the office for verification.  Scooters are allowed on our coaches and the maximum weight limit of the lift including the scooter is 650 lbs.

14.   Michigan Flyer/Airride will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Lost or mishandled luggage is covered up to the maximum liability of $250.00.

15.   Michigan Flyer/Airride allows the transport of small pets with the same restrictions of those traveling in the cabin of an airline.  Pets must stay in the carrier at all times and must remain quiet through the entire duration of the route.  Drivers have the authority to remove the passenger and pet if the animal’s behavior is likely to be such as to make it objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers.

16.   Michigan Flyer/AirRide reserves the right to refuse to transport passengers whose behavior, in our sole judgment, may be considered detrimental to our operations in any manner whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, appearing to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, conduct likely to distract the driver or be objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers, and behavior that may cause financial harm to Michigan Flyer, LLC. Such persons may be denied permission to board the bus, be subject to having their prior reservations canceled, be removed from the bus by the driver or customer service agent, and/or be reported to law enforcement authorities.  In any such event,  Michigan Flyer/AirRide shall not be liable for any refunds.

17.  Wifi Signal may not be available on some routes due to factors beyond our control such as signal strength or other technical challenges.  No refund or credit will be provided when wifi is unavailable. 


If you just got off Michigan Flyer-AirRide and believe you left something on board, call our office at (517)-333-0400. We will attempt to contact your driver and find your missing articles. Or, if more than a day has passed since your ride on Michigan Flyer-AirRide, call us and we will check our Lost & Found area to see if your missing item was turned in.

Michigan Flyer allows two checked bags and one carry-on, plus a purse or back pack, free of charge. To avoid extra charges for  oversize or overweight baggage, each checked bag must:

  • Weigh 50 pounds (23 kg) or less
  • Not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) in total length + width + height

Overweight and oversize baggage is accepted on a standby basis. Bags that do not meet our size and weight restrictions require special handling, for which there is an additional fee of $15 per bag.

A bicycle counts as one oversize, checked bag.