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Michigan Flyer Motorcoach

Michigan Flyer-AirRide is Michigan's premier motorcoach service―offering 9 daily round trips each between East Lansing, Brighton, Ann Arbor, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport―carries more than 200,000 passengers a year.

A convenient, comfortable, and reliable service, Michigan Flyer-AirRide makes the trip for business travelers, families, students, and vacationers more relaxing and affordable.

They contribute mightily to the mid-Michigan economy while doing business and attending conventions here, and visiting family, friends, and our great universities.

Michigan Flyer

Our fleet consists of newer-model motorcoaches with engine technology that exceeds EPA standards, produces near zero air pollution emissions, and achieves high fuel economy. Most offer these features:


  • ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts
  • Electronic stability system
  • New GPS
  • Three-point retractable seatbelts
  • Engine fire-detection and suppression system

Comfort and Convenience

  • Deluxe, ergonomic seating and ample leg room
  • Individual climate controls
  • Reading lamps
  • Tinted side windows offering panoramic views plus privacy
  • 110-volt AC outlets at each seat for charging mobile devices
  • Free WiFi
  • On-board lavatory
  • Enclosed, overhead parcel racks

Michigan Flyer-AirRide passengers make a significant difference in energy conservation, decreasing pollution and easing congestion on our highways. By taking advantage of motorcoach transportation, you might just help save an ice cap or two. Each of our motorcoaches:

  • Exceeds EPA standards on air pollutants (85% fewer CO2 emissions per passenger mile for each person who rides instead of driving alone)
  • Achieves high fuel economy (184 passenger miles per gallon)
  • Has the capacity to remove 50 cars from the highway, further reducing air pollution, traffic congestion, and our nation’s dependence on foreign oil
Travel Carbon Guide

The Union of Concerned Scientists confirms that motorcoaches are the greenest travel option of all― compared with planes, trains, and automobiles― whether it’s one, two, or four passengers traveling 100, 500, or 1,000+ miles.

Michigan Flyer was founded by Indian Trails, Inc., and Okemos Travel, in 2006. Michigan Flyer has carried more than 500,000 passengers since it began operations―and with an extraordinary 98% rate of on-time arrivals and departures.

In April 2012, Michigan Flyer and the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority ("TheRide") formed a public-private partnership to provide near-hourly Michigan Flyer-AirRide shuttle service between Ann Arbor and Detroit Metro Airport from early morning to late evening, seven days a week.

Also in 2012, Indian Trails invested $2.2 million in an all-new Michigan Flyer-AirRide fleet equipped with technology that reduces exhaust emissions to near zero. Governor Rick Snyder called this, “A great story of a Michigan business investing in infrastructure and technology to better the environment, while helping to move Michigan forward.”


 1. Search for and download the "Indian Trails Bus Tracker" from the iTunes App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

2. Enter the code “flyer,” tap OK.

3. Tap "Departure" and select your boarding point from the scrolling list (e.g., East Lansing Marriott).

4. Tap "Destination" and select from the scrolling list (e.g. DTW McNamara Terminal).

5. Tap "Time" and select your scheduled departure time.

6. Near the bottom of the screen, select "Trip Status" to see the estimated time of arrival for your bus.

7. At the bottom of the screen, select "Tap to show map" to see your Michigan Flyer-AirRide bus traveling on the road in real time!

8. Zoom in on the bus to see it moving along its route.

9. To return to the home screen, click the Indian Trails logo in the upper left corner.

10. Tap "Website Link" to visit this site and find out more about Michigan Flyer-AirRide.

Essential Travel Option

  • Save money
  • Safety & convenience
  • Conserve energy/Protect environment
  • Avoid or reduce traffic congestion
  • Stay productive with mobile devices
  • Travel between cities for business and pleasure
  • Don’t or can’t drive

Indian Trails

Indian Trails is Michigan’s first and largest privately owned bus transportation operator, carrying 1 million passengers more than 4.3 million miles annually.

A family-owned business based in Owosso, Mich., Indian Trails offers one of the largest and newest fleets of motorcoaches in Michigan. And it has a 100-year history of innovation. Indian Trails was the first company to install two-way radios, video monitors, stereo sound systems, and WiFi on a fleet of buses.

Indian Trails operates 33 scheduled inter-city routes throughout Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas and into Chicago and Milwaukee―five in partnership with the State of Michigan. For tens of thousands of Michiganders, these routes are their only way to connect with the national transportation network of airports, Amtrak, and Greyhound.

Indian Trails also operates a large charter service, as well as tours, shuttles, casino runs, and airport transfers.

In 2010, Indian Trails was named the International Motorcoach Group 2010 Safety Award Winner.

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Transportation ranked Indian Trails among the top 5% safest transportation companies in America.

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