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Michigan State

Michigan Flyer

We pick up and drop off passengers directly under the skywalk on Albert Avenue. This location is currently served nine times daily.

Parking passes must be purchased with your bus ticket and is limited to 30 days maximum.

Michigan Flyer passengers may park in the East Lansing City Center covered ramp for $2.50 a day. (If parking is not prepaid to Michigan Flyer, your vehicle is subject to higher City of East Lansing parking rates or will be towed away at the owners expense.)

  • Enter the ramp on Charles Street.

  • Push the button to obtain a white ticket and open the gate (on Sunday gate will be open).
  • Park anywhere from the beginning of Level 4 to the gate on the 4th level.
  • Leave the parking voucher on your dashboard with the bar code visible.

  • Please do not leave anything else in your vehicle while it is parked here. Michigan Flyer, its partners, and parking providers are not responsible for anything lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • The parking ramp is connected by a covered skywalk to our office and the Michigan Flyer boarding point at the Marriott. To access the skywalk, take the elevator or stairs to the 1st level of the ramp.
  • Obtain a green exit ticket from your driver (if your return date is a Sunday, you will not need the green ticket.)
  • Upon your return, proceed to the self-checkout lane and enter the white ticket into the kiosk first, then the green ticket. (If you did not obtain a white spitter ticket, or have lost it, push the intercom button to be connected to a parking attendant.)

If both elevators are out of order and you require help outside of Michigan Flyer office hours please call the East Lansing Police -non emergency line for help.  517-351-4220

Please note: When picking up or dropping off a passenger please do so on Albert Street.  U-turns are not allowed.


328 S. Fifth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

At the corner of S. 5th Avenue and William Street, across from the Ann Arbor Library.

Please note, Michigan Flyer may have limited service to the Blake Transit Center during special events
including marathons, festivals and the U of M home football games.  See our booking feature to check availability for these days.


Michigan Flyer-AirRide parking is available for $2 per day in the parking structure at the corner of 4th Avenue and William Street. Parking is allowed from 2-14 days only.  (Less than 24 hours of parking does not qualify for the $2.00 per day rate) 


How to Park

In order to receive the discounted $2/day AirRide rate, you must do the following:

  • Upon entering the ramp with your vehicle, obtain a ticket from the machine.
  • Park anywhere on level 4 or above, and then take the entry ticket with you.
  • Ask your bus driver to validate the parking ticket.  If you do not have a validation ticket (Sunday or Holiday) ask the driver to give you a validated ticket receipt.

Upon returning from the airport to retrieve your vehicle, there are two ways to pay by cash or credit card:

  •  Walk inside the lower floor of the ramp and insert your validated ticket into the pay station there before going to get your vehicle.
  • OR

  • Drive your vehicle to the gated exit of the ramp and press the button on the pay station.
  • Either way, you must push the call button on the pay station—or dial the phone number posted there—to speak with a remote agent and request the AirRide discount rate of $2/day. If you do not do this, you will be charged the full daily rate.
  • After the agent confirms your discounted parking rate, finish your payment and exit the ramp.

*Without validated ticket, full daily parking rates apply.  Lost tickets will be charged the twenty-four (24) hour maximum daily rate. A validated ticket receipt given by a Michigan Flyer driver may be used for exiting the structure, when no parking entry tickets are available. For your security, please remove all personal belongings from view.  

Please note: The surface parking lot on E. William St. between S. Fourth and S. Fifth Avenues is private property and NOT available for parking. Violators may be towed at owner’s expense. 


McNamara (Delta) Terminal - Departures Level 

We pick up and drop off all passengers on the Departures Level (also known as Level 3) of the McNamara Terminal. This is the terminal used by Delta Air Lines and its partner carriers Air France and Aeromexico.


 Important: How to Find Us at the McNamara Terminal

  • DO follow SIGNS LIKE THESE for “Municipal Transportation” and “Ticketing/Check-In.” They will help guide you to our location for both drop-offs and pickups on Level 3 (a.k.a. Departures Level). Our stop is just outside and to the left of Door number 1 labeled “International Ticketing/Check-In, Air France, AeroMexico.”

    Once outside, when you see an "AirRide Route 787” sign on a metal post, you will know you have reached the correct location. If you need assistance, just ask an airport official "How do I get to check-in for Air France?"

  • DO be aware that NOT all elevators go up to Departures Level 3, where our Michigan Flyer-AirRide stop is located. Be sure to take an elevator that goes all the way up to “Ticketing/Check-In” on Level 3.
  • DO NOT follow signs that say “Bridge Walk to Parking” or “Ground Transportation Center.”
More Important Details

  • RESTROOMS and RESTAURANTS on Departures Level 3 are ALL located inside the secure area beyond the TSA Security Checkpoint. If you are outside the secure area, take an elevator down to Luggage Claim/Domestic Arrivals (Level 1) to find a restroom or restaurant. Also, please note that there is a restroom on board every Michigan Flyer-AirRide motorcoach.

  • PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES who have not arranged for wheelchair or other assistance in advance should know that the Prospect Services desk for requesting such help has been moved to the far south end of the Ticketing/Check-In area, near the Westin Hotel entrance.
  • Prospect phone number is 734-921-7200

 More helpful tips here. 

To see which Detroit Metro terminal your airline uses, click here.


North or Evans Terminal - Ground Transportation Center


At the North Terminal (renamed Evans Terminal 4/4/2022), Michigan Flyer-AirRide motorcoaches pick up and drop off passengers in the Ground Transportation Center (GTC).  From baggage claim go up two levels to the skywalk or one level if not picking up luggage.  Cross the skywalk- enter elevators on left side and take down to ground level.  Go out doors next to elevator - find us in Stall #1

Passengers who need wheelchair assistance should normally request it when making reservations with their airlines, which contract with Prospect Airport Services to provide wheelchair services. For wheelchair help at the North Terminal, you may also call Prospect directly at (734) 247-1121.

 To see which Detroit Metro terminal your airline uses, click here.


8650 W. Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48116

Michigan Flyer, LLC, and its parent company, Indian Trails, Inc., will operate the Brighton service in partnership with Livingston County and its Livingston Essential Transportation Service (LETS).

Passenger Pickup, Drop off, and Parking

Michigan Flyer picks up and drops off passengers on the south side of the Brighton Meijer lot, near Cross Street. Passengers may park only in this designated area. The fee for parking is $2.50 a day and must be purchased with your bus ticket online before your departure from Brighton. (If parking is not prepaid to Michigan Flyer, your vehicle may be towed away at the owner's expense.)

  • Kindly leave the prepaid parking voucher on your dashboard with the bar code visible.
  • Please do not leave anything else in your vehicle while it is parked here. Michigan Flyer, its partners, and parking providers are not responsible for anything lost, stolen, or damaged.